Barbati, A., Corona, P., Marchetti, M.: (szerk.)(2007): European forest types; categories and types for sustainable forest management reporting and policy; 2007, Koppenhága


Executive summary
1. Reporting on sustainable forest management in Europe
1.1 Political framework
1.2 Forest types and forest biodiversity assessment
1.3 Forest types: definition and requirements for MCPFE reporting
2. The diversity of European forests
2.1 Natural determinats
2.2 The anthropogenic footprint
3. Current and potential forest vegetation in Europe: an assessment
3.1 Forest cover maps
3.2 Cross-analysis of forest vegetation maps
4. European forest types: the classification system
4.1 Limitation of earlier forest classifications
4.2 Europeans forest types: the classification scheme
4.2.1 Development of the classification
4.2.2 Classification structure
4.3 criteria of the classification
5. Key to the classification
6. European forest types nomenclature: category and types desctiptions
6.1 Boreal forest
6.1.1 Spruce-dominated boreal forest
6.1.2 Pine-dominated boreal forest
6.2 Hemiboreal forest and nemoral coniferous and mixed broadleaved-coniferous forest
6.2.1 Hemiboreal forest
6.2.2 Nemoral Scots pine forest
6.2.3 Nemoral spruce forest
6.2.4 Nemoral black pine forest
6.2.5 Mixed Scots pine-birch forest
6.2.6 Mixed scots pine-pedunculate oak forest
6.3 Alpine coniferous forest
6.3.1 Subalpine larch-arolla pine and dwarf pine forest
6.3.2 Subalpine and mountainous spruce and mountainous mixed spruce-silver fir forest
6.3.3 Alpine scots pine and Black pine forest
6.4 Acidophylous oak and oak-birch forest
6.4.1 Acidophylous oakwood
6.4.2 Oak-birch forest
6.5 Mesophytic deciduous forest
6.5.1 Pedunculate oak-hornbeam forest
6.5.2 Sessile oak-hornbeam forest
6.5.3 Ashwood and oak-ash forest
6.5.4 Maple-oak forest
6.5.5 Lime-oak forest
6.5.6.Maple-lime forest
6.5.7 Lime forest
6.5.8 Ravine and slope forest
6.5.9 Other mesophytic deciduous forests
6.6 Beech forest
6.6.1 Lowland beeh forest of southerm Scandinavia and north central Europe
6.6.2 Atlantic and subatlantic lowland beech forest
6.6.3 Subatlantic submountainous beech forest
6.6.4 Central European submountainous beech forest
6.6.5 Carpathian submountainous beech forest
6.6.6 Illyrian submountainous beech forest
6.6.7 Moesian submountainous beech forest
6.7 Mountainous beech forest
6.7.1 South western European mountainous beech forest (Cantabrians, Pyrenees, central Massif, south western Alps)
6.7.2 Central European mountainous beech forest
6.7.3 Apennine-Corsican mountainous beech forest
6.7.4 Illyrian mountainous beech forest
6.7.5 Carpathian mountainous beech forest
6.7.6 Moesian mountainous beech forest
6.7.7 Crimean mountainous beech forest
6.7.8 Oriental beech and hornbeam-oriental beech forest
6.8 Thermophilous deciduous forest
6.8.1 Downy oak forest
6.8.2 Turkey oak, Hungarian oak and Sessile oak forest
6.8.3 Pyrenean oak forest
6.8.4 Portuguese oak and Mirbeck's oak Iberian forest
6.8.5 Macedonian oak forest
6.8.6 Valonia oak forest
6.8.7 Chestnut forest
6.8.8 Other thermophilous deciduous forests
6.9 Broadleaved evergreen forest
6.9.1 Mediterranean evergreen oak forest
Cork oak and holm oak forest
Kermes and alder-leaved oak forest
6.9.2 Olive-carob forest
6.9.3 Palm groves
6.9.4 Macaronesian laurisilva
6.9.5 Other sclerophlyllous forests
6.10 Coniferous forest of the mediterranean, Anatolian and macaronesian regions
6.10.1 Thermophilous pine forest
6.10.2 Mediterranean and Anatolian Black pine forest
6.10.3 Canarian pine forest
6.10.4 Mediterranean and Anatolian Scots pine forest
6.10.5 Alti-Mediterranean pine forest
6.10.6 mediterranean and Anatolian fir forest
6.10.7 Juniper forest
6.10.8 Cypress forest
6.10.9 Cedar forest
6.10.10 Tetraclinis articulata stands
6.10.11 Mediterranean yew stands
6.11 Mire and swamp forests
6.11.2 Alder swamp forest
6.11.3 Birch swamp forest
6.11.4 Pedunculate oak swamp forest
6.11.5 Aspen swamp forest
6.12 Floodplain forest
6.12.1 Riparian forest
6.12.2 Fluvial forest
6.12.3 Mediterranean and Macaronesian riparian forest
6.13 Non-riverine alder, birch or aspen forest
6.13.1 Alder forest
6.13.2 Italian alder forest
6.13.3 Mountain birch forest
6.13.4 Other birch forest
6.13.5 Aspen forest
6.14 Plantations and self-sown exotic forest
6.14.1 Plantation of site-native species
6.14.2 Plantations of site-native species and self-sown exotic forest
7. Cunclusions and perspectives
Acronyms used
Appendix I-Cross-analysis of forestvegetation maps- data table
Appendix II-Classification keys

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Barbati, Anna