Hawsksworth, D.L.(szerk.): Biodiversity: measurement and estimation; Vol. 345. Pages 1-136. N°1311; Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences, London


- John L. Harper and David L. Hawksworth: Preface
- Robert M. May: Conceptual aspect quantification of the extent of biological diversity
- T. Martin Embley, Robert P. Hirt and David M. Williams: Biodiversity at the molecular level: the domains, kingdoms and phyla of life
- Karl J. Niklas and Bruce H. Tiffney: The quantification of plant biodiversity through time
- Daniel P. Faith: Phylogenetic pattern and the quantification of organismal biodiversity
- Alan R. Templeton: Biodiversity at the molecular genetic level: experiences from disparate macroorganisms
- Anthony G. Donnell, Michael Goodfellon and David L. Hawksworth: Theoretical and practical aspects of the quantification od biodiversity among microorganisms
- David L. Pearson: Selecting indicator taxa for the quantitatíve assessment of biodiversity
- Thomas E. Lovejoy: The quantification of biodiversity: an esoteric quest or a vital component of sustainable development?
- Ghillean T. Prance: A comparison of the efficacy of higher taxa and species numbers in the assessment of biodiversity in the neotropics
- Robert K. Colwell and Jonathan A. Coddington: Estimating terrestrial biodiversity through extrapolation
- P.M. Hammond: Practical approaches to the estimation of the extent of biodiversity in speciose groups

ER Archívum (1994/P-020)