European Commission (2003): Sustainable forestry and the European Union - Initiatives of the European Commission. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg


Sustainable forestry and the European Union. Initiatives of the European Commission

Acronyms and abbreviations
Chapter 1: General background
Sustainably-managed forests provide vital services to nature and society
Sustainable forestry within the EU
a. EU Forestry Strategy - guiding the EU's efforts to convert principles into action
b. Socio-economic relevance of the forest sector in the EU
c. Environmental relevance of European forests
d. The enlargement of the EU
Sustainable forestry: International processes and EU development co-operation
a. Forest-related international processes and the EU
b. Forests and development co-operation
Co-ordination and mechanisms to facilitate stakeholder participation
Chapter 2: Forestry in Rural Development and Sapard
The EU's rural development policy
The conceptual framework of forestry measures within rural development policy
Support for forestry measures in candidate countries by the Sapard programme
Forest-related measures under the CAP during the period 1994-1999
Chapter 3: Forest protection measures and the new "Forest Focus" Framework Regulation
Protection of forests against atmospheric pollution
Protection of forest against fire
Outlook: the new "Forest Focus"
Framework Regulation
Chapter 4: Forests and conservation of nature
Forests and conservation issues
The main principles for management of forest Natura 2000 sites
Chapter 5: Forests and climate change
Main findings of the working group on forest-related sinks
Chapter 6: Forest reproductive material and plant health
Forest reproductive material
Plant health
Chapter 7: Forestry and Forest-Based Industries (F-BI)
Socio-economic impact of the F-BI sectors in the EU
The F-BI unit in the European Commission
Co-ordination within the Committee on Community Policy regarding F-BI
The challenges of the EU F-BI
Chapter 8: Forest sector statistics
Forest resources
Other statistics
Chapter 9: Forests and development co-operation
EU strategy for forest sector development co-operation
Implementing forest sector development co-operation
The major country and regional programmes
Chapter 10: Forests and EU research
The EU research framework programmes
a. Objective
b. Specific coverage and expected outputs
c. EU-supported forest research
d. Examples of activities
e. Outlook
The role of the Joint Research Centre (JRC)
a. Forestry and forest-related research
b. Projects
c. Outlook
Concluding remarks
Tables and figures
Table 1: Areas of forest and other wooded land in EU and candidate countries
Table 2: Financial forecast of forestry measures in the framework of the rural development programmes 2000-2006: EU contribution under EAGGF
Table 3: An estimated statistical picture of the forestry measures in the Sapard programmes 2000-2006
Table 4: Summary of EU-supported forest research. 5th Framework Programme (1998-2002)
Figure 1: Importance of Natura 2000 in the forest sector: Forest areas designated according to the Habitats Directive as a percentage of the total forest area in the Member States and the EU-15, updated December 2002
Figure 2: EU forest assistance by TFbl in 2000-2003
Figure 3: Global Inventory of Areas Burned in the Year 2000
Figure 4: Forest Map of Europe
List of EU legislation and other relevant documents

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