Siller I., Kutszegi G., Takács K., et al. (2013):Sixty-one macrofungi species new to Hungary in Őrség National park. Mycosphere4(5):871-924(2013)Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/4/5/3


In this paper, an annotated checklist of macrofungi from Őrség National Park, West Hungary is provided.A total of 726 macrofungi taxa representing 214 genera, 84 classes and 2 phyla (Asco-and Basidiomycota) were revealed. Sixty-one macrofungi species were new to the mycobiota of Hungary. Sporocarps were collected three times (in May, August and September-October) between 2009 and 2010 in 35 (40 m X 40 m) forest stands with different tree species compositions. Preferred tree species compositions and substrata of registered macrofungi are also listed.


Címszavazva - VA

ER Archívum (2013/P-001/1-2)