Szalafő Forest Reserve

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ER-53 (HU)
Szalafő Forest Reserve (Vasi-Hegyhát)
core area: 12.0 ha; buffer zone: 97.0 ha; total area: 109 ha
contact person: Horváth, Jenő (ŐNPI)
Posted/updated: : 2022-06-02
It was declared as a forest reserve by the Decree No. 13/2000. of the Ministry of the Environment (MK 2000/66: 4065-4068.).

"In the quite small core area remained from the extensive farming, which was a shifting cultivation of forest-arable land previously characteristic of the region, considerable natural tree species conversion has happened in the last decades. These dynamics can be studied well – as a consequence of a former detailed survey."
Horváth és Bölöni (2002) Az ER-ok kutatásszempontú besorolása és rövid jellemzése 1999-ben [Classification and brief description of the forest reserves in 1999 from the viewpoint of research perspective]