Main achievements

2001 -

The "ER" publishes scientific papers related to forest reserves in the field of natural stand structure, forest dynamics, forest ecology, forest ecosystems and biodiversity issues, furthermore the results of near natural forest management and of nature conservation management.


A nationwide (second) survey of 63 forest reserves was done by 15 researcher. The documents and photos of the survey were deposited in the Archive of the Forest Reserve Programme.


Handbook, which sum up and harmonize the results of previous preparation: principles, outline of the european viewpoint, aims, strategy and methods of research. ...

1991-1996, 2000, 2007-2009

A resolution of the government in 1991 has disposed to establish the network of the Hungarian forest reserves. Than the LIII. & LIV. Acts of 1996 about Nature Conservation and about Forests and Forest Protection defined the idea and status of 'forest reserve'. Further statues were issued to designate the reserves.