News of the Forest Reserve Programme

Carbon accounting in the land sector requires a reference level from which to calculate past losses of carbon and potential for gains using a stock-based target. Carbon carrying capacity represented by the carbon stock in primary forests is an ecologically-based reference level that allows estimation of the mitigation potential derived from protecting and restoring forests to increase their carbon stocks.

Meeting on Wetland Forest Protection in Central Europe, taking place in Prague, Czech Republic. This conference is part of our ongoing project dedicated to mapping the vegetation of wetland forests across the Visegrád Group countries – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary.

A deeper understanding of natural forest dynamics requires long-term data series from forests that have not been affected by human interventions, which are often scarce, especially in the Pannonian Bioregion. Unmanaged, but regularly inventoried forest reserves provide an opportunity to fill this gap. 

"Where are Europe's last primary forests?" - namely: Kékes ('old-growth'), Vár-hegy, Őserdő, Alsó-hegy, Szalafő Őserdő, Vétyem Ősbükkös, Tilos-erdő at Kunpeszér and Juhdöglő-völgy Forest Reserves were proposed as 'long untouched forest' from Hungary.

This Ural owl didn't trouble her/himself when was discovered in the core area of the Kékes Strict Forest Reserve.