Juhdöglő-völgy Forest Reserve

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ER-07 (HU)
core area: 25.7 ha; buffer zone: 55.1 ha; total area: 80.8 ha
contact person: Horváth, Ferenc (MTA ÖK), Institute of Ecology and Botany, MTA Centre for Ecological Research
Posted/updated: : 2018-05-29

"This forest - situated on varied sites - is characterized by diverse stand and age structure, with old and very old trees (beech and oak), standing dead trees and snags, somewhere there is considerable amount of lying dead wood and gap dynamics; the area is quite small; the game population is large in this reserve as well."
Horváth és Bölöni (2002) Az ER-ok kutatásszempontú besorolása és rövid jellemzése 1999-ben [Classification and brief description of the forest reserves in 1999 from the viewpoint of research perspective]