Őserdő Forest Reserve

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ER-60 (HU)
core area: 59.3 ha; buffer zone: 316.0 ha; total area: 375.3 ha
Posted/updated: : 2019-10-05
It was declared as a forest reserve by the Decree No. 3/2000. of the Ministry of Environment (MK 2000/26: 1299-1304.).


"This is a long-ago not managed (for 150 years), 200 years old beech forest (on plateau, montane) with varied stand structure and development phases. Old thermophilous oak woodland can be found in some part of the area. (One of the top predators of the herbivorous large game: the Eurasian lynx also occurs in the area.)"
Horváth és Bölöni (2002) Az ER-ok kutatásszempontú besorolása és rövid jellemzése 1999-ben [Classification and brief description of the forest reserves in 1999 from the viewpoint of research perspective]