Stefancik, Igor (2004): Tree species growth in mixed spruce, fir and beech stands; Folia Oecologica- vol. 31, no. 1.(2004): 36-39


The paper presents a comparison of tree species growth on four research plots in Slovakia.
The plots are situated in mixed spruce, fir and beech stands where no interventions out in the last 30 years. The results showed that in the initial stage of research had fir the second highest proportion in tree species composition over three of the plots and/or on one of therm even the highest one. After 30 years, the highest proportion of beech was found over the plots overall and/or the following total decrease (according to the number of trees) was registered: 76-89% for fir 46-93% for spruce and 36-73% for beech. After 30 years, beech reached the upper crown layer, while fir together with spruceconstituted the medium crown layer. As for mean crown width, differences between individual tree species were low and statistically insignificant (P> 0.05). The highest mean annual diameter increment was registered for spruce and the lowest for fir.

ER Archívum (2004/P-023/1, 2004/P-023/2)