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The "Publications" and "Manuscripts, documents" are separately managed collections of the Forest Reserve Programme Archive (ER Archive). We are gathering here the publications related to the aims of the Forest Reserve Programme.

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Liira, J. & Kohv, K. (2010): Stand characteristics and biodiversity indicators along the productivity gradient in boreal forests: Defining a critical set of indicators for the monitoring of habitat nature quality. Plant Biosystems 144(1): 211-220. (More) 2010
Kanalas, P. et al. (2010): Seasonal and diurnal variability in sap flow intensity of mature sessile oak (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) trees in relation to microclimatic conditions. Acta Biologica Hungarica 61: 95-108. (More) 2010
Lemperiere, Guy and Marage, Damien: The influence of forest management and habitat on insect communities associated with dead wood: a case study in forests of the southern French Alps. Insect Conservation and Diversity, doi: 10.11 11/j. 1752-4598. 2010. (More) 2010
Kuijper Dries, P.J. et al (2010): Fluctuating ungulate density shapes tree rectuitment in natural stands of the Bialowieza Primeval Forest, Poland. Journal of Vegetation Science 21: 1082-1098. (More) 2010
G.S. Gilbert et al: Beyond the tropics: forest structure in a temperate forest mapped plot. Journal of Vegetation Science, 21: 388-405.2010 (More) 2010
G.P.Reyes, D.Kneeshaw, L. De Grandpré és A. Leduc: Changes in woody vegetation abundance and diversity after natural disturbances causing different levels of mortality. Journal of Vegetation Science.(21) 406-417, 2010. (More) 2010
Dodelin, B. (2010): Saproxylic beetle biodiversity in old-growth forests of the south-east of France. Plant Biosystems 144(1): 262-270. (More) 2010
Stan, Amanda B. Daniels, Lori D.: Growth releases of three shade-tolerant species following canopy gap formation in old-growth forests. Journal of Vegetation Science,(21): 74-87, 2010 (More) 2010
Cowell, M.C., Hoalst-Pullen, N., Jackson, M.T.: The limited role of canopy gaps in the successional dynamics of a mature mixed Quercus forest remnant. Journal of Vegetation Science, (21): 201-212, 2010. (More) 2010
Sabovljevic, M., Vujicic, M. & Sabovljevic, A. (2010): Diversity of saproxylic bryophytes in old-growth and managed beech forests in the central Balkans. Plant Biosystems 144(1): 234-240. (More) 2010
Diaci, J., Rozenbergar, D. & Boncina, A. (2010): Stand dynamics of Dinaric old-growth forest in Slovenia: Are indirect human influences relevant? Plant Biosystems 144(1): 194-201. (More) 2010
Bartha, D. (2010): The past, present and future tasks of Hungarian dendrological research. Acta Biologica Hungarica 61: 2-19. (More) 2010
A Kormány 1005/2010.(I.21.) Korm. határozata a Nemzeti Éghajlatváltozási Programról. Magyar Közlöny, (5): 6363-6394-ig (More) 2010
Kardol, P., Todd, D. E., Hanson, P. J. & Mulholland, P. J. (2010): Long-term successional forest dynamics: species and community responses to climatic variability. Journal of Vegetation Science 21: 627-642. (More) 2010
Kleinbauer, I., Dullinger, S., Peterseil, J. & Essl, F. (2010): Climate change might drive the invasive tree Robinia pseudacacia into nature reserves and endangered habitats. Biological Conservation 143: 382-390. (More) 2010
Bültmann H; Jarolimek I. et al; Sipkova Z. et al; Fanelli G. et al; Pedashenko H. et al; Brullo C et al;...:An International Journal of Coenology and Plant Ecology. Sapienza Universita di Roma. Roma, 2010 (More) 2010
Jakucs E. (2010): Egyes magyarországi erdők ektomikorrhizái. [MTA doktori értekezés tézisei]. Mikológiai Közlemények 49(1-2): 167-175. (More) 2010
Janik, D., Adam, D., Vrska, T., Hort, L., Unar, P., Kral, K., Samonil, P., Horal, D. (2011): Field maple and hornbeam populations along a 4-m elevation gradient in an alluvial forest.Eur J. Forest Res(2011)130:197-208 (More) 2010
European Environment Agency (2010): 10 messages for 2010 - Forest ecosystems. Copenhagen (More) 2010
Hirka A. (szerk.) (2010): A 2009. évi biotikus és abiotikus erdőgazdasági károk, valamint a 2010-ben várható károsítások. ERTI Erdővédelmi Osztály, Mátrafüred (More) 2010